Discussion on the classification of paper towels

What paper to wipe your mouth, what paper to wipe your face, what paper to wipe PP, after reading this article, you will probably understand some classifications of paper towels, and you will no longer use the wrong paper towel to wipe your mouth with PP paper.

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Paper towels and handkerchiefs

Paper towels are more convenient to clean up quickly or use on the go, while handkerchiefs are more sustainable and eco-friendly because they can be used multiple times before washing. Paper towels are a disposable and lightweight option, while handkerchiefs are reusable and washable options.


What is Paper Towel?

Tissue paper or napkins are considered lightweight paper and are also known as crepe paper for personal hygiene. Tissue paper can also be made from recycled paper.


What is Handkerchief?

Handkerchiefs are small square clothes that can even fit in the pocket of a shirt. It is made of woven materials and various types of fabrics.